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Buenos Aires

The most important tourism places are in the old town of the city is in the Monserrat and San Telmo areas. The city began to build round the Plaza Mayor (today Plaza de Mayo), and the administrative institutions were setted in this area. To the east of the plaza (square) you can see the Casa Rosada, now it is the headquarters of Executive Power in Argentina, there long time ago there was the fort. To the north there is the Catedral Metropolitana, since long time ago, and the building of Bank of Nation Argentina too.

Another important institution was the Cabildo, was in the west in Mayo Avenue and Juio A Roca diagonal.

To the south you can see the anciente building Congreso from the Nation where it is the Academy National of History. And, at last, to the north east you can see the headquarters of the city in Mayo Avenue.

The Mayo Avenue is considered the principal place of the city where you can see the Casa Rosada with the Congress and the Executive and Legislative Power.

In this avenue you can watch some big cultural, arquitectonic buildings as Casa from de Culture, Palace Barolo, Cafe Tortoni among others.

There is an underground in this avenue the A Live, that was inaugurated in 1913 and it was the first in Iberoamerica.

At the end of the squares you can see a lot of scultures and monuments, there it is a copy signed by El Pensador de Rodin. Near this place there are the Palace of the Congress and el Molino Tearoom. In the old town yo can visit the "Manzanas de las Luces" too. There are a lot of buildings with a big historical value as the San Ignacio Church, and the National Buenos Aires School.

There are interesting tunnels since the colonial time and there you can see where was the Consejo Deliberante since 1894 to 1931. In San Telmo area you can visit the Dorrego Square and there you can go shopping in the famous "Feria de Antiguedades " (Antiques Fair). Besides near this place there are a lot of ancient shops and the Nuestra Señora de Bethlem Church, San Pedro Church, and the Antonio Ballve Museum. In this area you can visit also the National Historical Museum and the Lezama Park with many scultures and monuments.

In the Recoleta area there area a lot of turistic places with a great culture value.

There you can find the important Bellas Artes National Museum, National Library and the Cultural Centre of Recoleta, the Buenos Aires University , Nuestra Señora del Pilar Church, the Palais de Glace, La Biblia Bar and the Recoleta cementary where are patriots and well-known people of the country. In the Puerto Madero area you can see the high towers of buildings built in 1990. You can watch the ex Hotel of Inmigrants, Fragata Sarmiento Museum, the woman's bridge and the Corbeta-Uruguay Museum ship.

In the Retiro area you can visit the station with the same name, and you can see many beatiful and important buildings of our city as the monuments of Caídos from the Malvinas War and the San Martin General and the English Tower and the Vananagh building.

The Art Latinoamerican Museum is in Palermo area, and it is one of the most important in the country. You can see in this area the Forest of Palermo, you can go to the Planetario, and the Zoo too.

Another cultural place is the Corrientes Avenue, in this avenue there are a lot of theatres as San Martin and another places to visit as Paseo La Plaza and The Luna Park Stadium.

You can see the Obelisco in 9 de Julio Avenue, it is a famous and nice monument of Buenos Aires.

You can visit Mercado of Abasto, that now it is a big shopping centre too. There is the most highest tower in the city; it is called Torre Espacial with 220 metres it is in the Central Park where you can go with chidren and adults too, it was built in 1980. Near the centre of the city there is a colourful area of La Boca.

There you can visite the place with a tourism guide to know the football court. You can admire the Caminito Streets, and you can watch the pictures of Quinquela Martin a great painter and all that he painted.

You can visit the Vuelta of Rocha, his plastic artists, his museum, his theatres, Boca Juniors Club "La Bombonera".

His streets, and you can go for a walk in the port. The ancient bridge that it is the most characteristic of the city since long time ago, his crowed colourful blocks of flats.



Buenos Aires


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