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Principal Attractives:

Aconcagua: It is the most highest mountain in America with 6962 metres. To the north and to the east it limits with Valle de las Vacas and to the west and to the south with Valle de los Horcones in Mendoza.

There are a lot of glaciers, the most important are the Glaciear Nororiental o polaco and the del este or English.

There, you can visit the Aconcagua mountain it is visited for all the tourists in the world. It is about 6000 to 7000 visitors for year from December and March. There you can go to the National Party of La Vendimia every year it is celebrated the big party in Mendoza about the fantastic wines. There are different entertainmments with cultural an impressive spectacles, shows in a year in February. Another events begins in March as: Via Blanca de las Reinas, el Carrosusel and at last the central act in a big stage for more than 5000m2 with music, games, dancing, fireworks and a lot of dancess, musicians in scene. Later, is chosen the queen of the National Grape Harvest; it is the symbol of work, and the beauty in Mendoza.

Las Leñas: It is one of the centre of skii and the snowboard more important in Argentina. The place is enormous and amazing, it is situated in the Valley to the South of Mendoza, in Malargrue, into the Cordillera de los Andes. There you can do different sports with snow too.

Ñacuñan: It's a natural provincial reserve in Mendoza, it's situated at 180 km to the southeast and it has got 12600 hectares with algarrobos native trees. It was declarated a provincial reserve in 1961 and it takes part in the world record of the Biosfera (UNESCO) since 1986.

Rivers In Mendoza: To the north and to the south of the province you can see big rivers, there yo cn sail with kayak or boats. People look after the water. There you can watch the mountains in the Cordillera and Precordillera.

San Rafael: The lst years there was a big increase of travellers, almost they were from the other countries, to know the amazing landscapes with the beatiful rivers. There you can drink good wines.

Barreal: It is a place in Calirigasta Department in San Juan. The weather, his people, the purity air, beatiful trees, the beauty nature make Barreal in a very nice paradise to live.

It is one of the ten places nicer in Argentina to visit.

Difunta Correa: People go to see the grave of Deolinda Corea, since 1940 there is a santuary in Vallecito area in San Juan. Duinring all the year people ho to there to visit the santuary.

But most people go in the 2nd November, "El Dia de las Animas", parties of lorry drives and gauchos. In this parties you can see till 200000 people.

Ischigualasto: It is known as "Valle de la Luna" (Valley of the Moon), it is situated in San Juan. It has got a strange landscape with a little vegetation, but with the most colourful colours of the land, with a lot of mountains.

It is considered a scientific place, you cand visit and have walk witha guide of the park.

Merlo: It is the most interestign touristic destiny in San Luis.

It has got a particular microweather which is considered one of the best in the world.

The weather has got a particular negative ionization of the atmosphere. The weather is moderate dry with soft winds and there are a lot of sreams.



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