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Welcome to Mar Dulce
Travel Agency

Travel Agency TOURISM MAR DULCE provides ticketing services to all tourist destinations in Argentina .

History of the name of the travel agency " Mar Dulce" When you start the process in Ministry of Tourism in 2000 , now Ministry for the opening of the Travel Agency thought it had to have a name with history and could match any fact relevant to identify in our city .

This is why we think first in our country, its name , this word ' Argentina ' It comes from the Latin argentum ( silver). Right from the times of Pedro de Mendoza to refer to the region of the Rio de la Plata.
The Portuguese called it Rio da Prata because of rumors that postulated the existence of precious metals and eventually won
like Rio de la Plata.
The Latinization of ARGENTINA name appeared in 1602 , when Martín del Barco Centenera , the title poem La Argentina .
Why we turn out like this important identification Rio received as the first name " Mar Dulce" by his greatness and taste of the water . ]
The first part of this story begins in February 1516, when Juan Diaz de Solis , thought he had found the narrow searched and discovered the river also Dulcellamado Mar and Santa María Solís river , but what he found was the Riode Plate.

We found a beautiful name as the name of the travel agency would carry a name with history .


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International Mountain Film Festival Ushuaia Shh

The International Mountain Film Festival Ushuaia Shh ... invites the community to enjoy the screenings scheduled from Thursday August 20 in Room Nini Marshall of the House of Culture of the city of Ushuaia.

Thursday August 20 after the opening convened at 18:00 pm. It will start a program of film screenings with the film "Beavers. The invasion of the End of the World "directed by Paul Chehebar and Nicolas Iacouzzi, Argentina production that chronicles one of the most naive attempts of man to want to alter ecosystems to their advantage.

The documentary tells the story of the introduction in the island of Tierra del Fuego Beaver in 1940 for the development of the fur industry, the project failed and the beaver quickly spread like plague the region.

As every year since its inception the International Mountain Film Festival devoted their programming a special place in the history of mountain film featuring works by rich cultural and historical value that amalgamate this in an extraordinary way. In this context an original film Lantscher Guzzi, "Snow Song" filmed in Bariloche and released in 1954. The event, accompanied by Fernando Martín Peña, is Saturday August 22 will be presented at 20: 00hs in said room.

Likewise, in this context the "Museo del Cine Pablo Ducros Hicken" officiate the screening of a selection of historical films; "Travel to Patagonia Exequiel Bustillo" 1941 16mm film. This film is a rarity at least for a couple of reasons absolute: in principle by the prominence of Bustillo who intends to replicate one of the travel Perito Francisco Pascasio Moreno, who in 1904 donated nearly eight thousand acres upon which the Park was organized National Nahuel Huapi and then because it is a colored film -kodachrome- and really there are few records color film this time in the area. The second title will be "Tourism in Antarctica" 1958; which records that made the ship ARA Les Eclaireurs with 98 passengers and had great global impact to the point that other countries then imitated the initiative. It should highlight images where tourists start walking a very small-town Ushuaia and enjoy a splendid barbecue.

Finally, "Nahuel Huapi" 1940; submit to the beautiful Tilda Thamar as eminent skier and where it is clear that it was called the "Switzerland Argentina". The function of the above films will take place on Sunday, August 23 at 20: 00hs. Nini Marshall Room in the House of Culture.

Tetr4 Catedral

The TetraCatedral, is a multidisciplinary athletic event that takes place in the vicinity of the city of Bariloche, in the heart of Nahuel Huapi National Park.

It combines four classic sports in our region in the stunning natural environment of the Patagonian mountains. Starts with skiing or snowboarding at the largest ski resort in Latin America, the Cerro Catedral. Continuing with mountain bike paths and trails through forests and viewpoints with mud and snow, joining the base of the cathedral hill with lake Moreno and Gutierrez lake where the third discipline is performed: the kayak. The circuit runs along the lake Gutierrez in Villa Villa Arelauquen and the Coihues neighborhoods, where the coasts are mostly beaches. The last discipline is the trekking, where runners must come from Lake Gutierrez to the central square of Cerro Catedral.

It is done in non stop mode, that is, it takes the total time from the start until the finish line is crossed. You can participate individually, as a couple (where both runners should do together throughout the tour) or team mode "post" and can be formed of 2-4 runners. In this case each discipline is performed by one of the members, a competitor can make more than one discipline. An arrangement that grows every year, designed for those who are new to the multidisciplinas or for those already experienced, unwilling to perform the four disciplines skills.

Closing the Pachamama in Salta

In the town of Tolar Grande in Salta this peculiar celebration takes place.

Arrives August, the month of the pomp and ominous and start in San Antonio de los Cobres, one of the more significant, traditional, cultural and expressive celebrations of Argentina.

For all the inhabitants of the Argentine Northwest is Mother Earth, the highest deity. Pachamama is a female god, it produces, which blesses it engenders. His abode is in the bowels of the earth.

The Sahumerio: In August, the ceremony includes the clearing house in the morning, first thing, the people of this great people, gather litter every corner, they put it in a conbrazas shovel and add chacha and pupusas (local plants) and with this sahuman all houses, things and also to members of the families. In the distance you can see the smoke coming out of the villages forming a unique landscape. This way you are apologizes to mother earth on his knees and thanking and praying together.

The Ritual: The ritual of preparing a saumerio with alcohol in a "flame of his" add native foods and strong drink containers. All this is placed in a pre-dug hole in the ground and then covered with a white stone (apacheta) to identify the location for next year. The ceremony includes the intake of alcohol kills and colacación of "Llojke" (also called Yoki, amulet made two strands of black and white).

National party Montanes in San Martin de los Andes


Montanes National Party takes place in the Neuquen city of San Martin de los Andes, from 15 to 18 August, and includes sports, arts, contests and the election of the queen


National Day of Dorado in Corrientes

Paso de la Patria (Province of Corrientes).
The celebration includes the presence of numerous tourists and athletes from home and abroad. The competitions and tournaments, which last several days, are complemented by nautical events, artistic and folkloric shows and as a final act, the election of the National Queen of Dorado.


National Snow Festival in Bariloche


It lasts seven days. During the week activities such as regional competitions tissues Competition hacheras and loggers, racing waiters, Shows national and international artists, parade of floats, torchlight descent and Election of the National Snow Queen performed. Always after the event there is a fireworks display.

The Snow Festival was born in 1954 and was organized in Bariloche by the National Parks Administration.

Extreme Sports in Cerro Catedral (Bariloche)

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