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Welcome to Mar Dulce
Travel Agency

Travel Agency TOURISM MAR DULCE provides ticketing services to all tourist destinations in Argentina .

History of the name of the travel agency " Mar Dulce" When you start the process in Ministry of Tourism in 2000 , now Ministry for the opening of the Travel Agency thought it had to have a name with history and could match any fact relevant to identify in our city .

This is why we think first in our country, its name , this word ' Argentina ' It comes from the Latin argentum ( silver). Right from the times of Pedro de Mendoza to refer to the region of the Rio de la Plata.
The Portuguese called it Rio da Prata because of rumors that postulated the existence of precious metals and eventually won
like Rio de la Plata.
The Latinization of ARGENTINA name appeared in 1602 , when Martín del Barco Centenera , the title poem La Argentina .
Why we turn out like this important identification Rio received as the first name " Mar Dulce" by his greatness and taste of the water . ]
The first part of this story begins in February 1516, when Juan Diaz de Solis , thought he had found the narrow searched and discovered the river also Dulcellamado Mar and Santa María Solís river , but what he found was the Riode Plate.

We found a beautiful name as the name of the travel agency would carry a name with history .


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National Historical Museum Bandera ( Rosario)

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National Park Flag:

This riverside park is the scene of major recreational and cultural events. In him is the River Station , which offers tours of the Parana and bar services along the river. It also includes the Cenotaph to the Fallen in Malvinas evoking a space for reflection , with the names of the fallen heroes in combat and the figure of the islands on a water surface . A few meters away, in the middle of a path leading to the river , an ideal vantage point to take photographs is distinguished by a figure symbolizing venecitas on the floor, the star of eight characteristic points of the Monument to the Flag.

Semana Santa 2016


On Thursday 24 and Friday 25 March , are national holidays in Argentina as part of Holy Week . Ideal for traveling!
Recommended destinations for Semana Santa:



El Calafate is located at 50 ° 20 ° degrees ; south latitude (equivalent to London city ) in the northern hemisphere.

In Argentina, located in the province of Santa Cruz , it is El Calafate, a small and very picturesque town .

At the foot of the hill Calafate and settled in Bahia Redonda on the southern shore of Lake Argentino, 200 meters above sea level , this is a tourist village with about 20 thousand inhabitants.

It has a great tourist infrastructure , accompanying its magnificent natural setting with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay .

With its proximity to stunning Glacier National Park , 80 kilometers, known as the National Capital of the Glaciers .

Is the nearest town to visit Glacier National Park and its famous Perito Moreno Glacier , declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Merlo, San Luis


Villa de Merlo San Luis: The city of Merlo is located in the northeast corner of the province of San Luis , this lively and colorful Villa Serrana expect during 365 days a year for you to spend a memorable vacation.

Known worldwide for its mild microclimate and beautiful landscapes and natural environments , Merlo has a modern and comfortable accommodation infrastructure and services.

In San Luis Merlo you will find a range of accommodation ranging from camping to resorts , to cabins and hotels .

These are some of the reasons for your next vacation in San Luis Merlo .

Esteros del Iberá, Corrientes

Ibera Marshes is called a vast wetland covering between 15,000 and 25,000 square kilometers in the province of Corrientes in northeastern Argentina. Only surpassed in size by the Pantanal ( Brazil , Bolivia and Paraguay ) with which they form the second largest wetland in the world , part of a much larger river system Iberá macrosystem , about 1,300,000 HA in which a subtropical and tropical ecosystem develops very great diversity . Undoubtedly , rural tourism in their formats ecotourism and active, have given a physiognomy to Iberá as a true wildlife paradise where you can live with an ecosystem in full expansion and development of animal and plant species. It is thanks to tourism and the ecological and conservation awareness Conque can fully enjoy all that are Iberá .

There are different options to access this wonder of nature in Argentina , but the most recommended and never disappoint the visitor is doing for Colonia Carlos Pellegrini. There, in a small but thriving town of correntina strong identity, the tourist will find everything you need to address fully this magnificent geography and culture meet . It is advisable to correctly choose the accommodation or accommodation because once properly installed , are properly the hotels that solve issues such as going on a ride on board the Ibera lagoon to meet plants and animals, and the various formations acquires relief: dammed , estuaries , etc. An output of this nature prevails and is often advisable to hire in the same accommodation that often have own dock , boat, canoe or kayak and guide.

A board walk is essential to discover the true essence of Ibera, but there are many other activities to develop . For example , a good ride provides opportunities for a unique discovery, as it is take a guided walk or daring to experience the birdwatching ( bird watching ) , for which it is recommended pre-trip purchase a good bird guide , a pair of binoculars and ensure accommodation where some advice is obtained . To distinguish the huge variety of birds in Iberá is a source of great satisfaction. For those seeking a more extreme experience access to the estuaries , they must also take a look rural tourism in the area because it is in this segment that some options will be to stay stays well inside this beautiful geography, and with all the comforts of the hotel located within the Colonia Carlos Pellegrini.


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